12 toddler-oriented channels every new parent must put in their kid’s youtube playlist

Gone are the days when only the parents spent their time surfing the youtube for entertainment and information. 

With the changing times, several youtube content creators have come up with channels and content that is solely dedicated to the growth and development of your bundle of joy. In these times of COVID-19, the internet has observed an incredible rise in surfing time, including Youtube.  

If you have a toddler crawling around your house who uses your mobile phone and laptop to eat around all day, why not put such devices to better use? Since this is the best time to help your child get familiar with the concept of learning, we have curated a list of youtube videos and channels where you can find the best content for your babies. 

Take a look!

Toddler Fun Learning

Even if your baby watches Toddler Fun Learning every day, they will have several new things to learn daily. 

Toddler Fun Learning does precisely what its name suggests- deliver educational yet exciting and fun content to the toddler. Colorful videos with sing-along options allow even the parents to participate in the kid’s learning journey actively. 


Who doesn’t know about Teletubbies?

Welcome to the world of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po! While other youtube channels help the kids understand colors, shapes, and other educational stuff, Teletubbies familiarise them with daily life tasks too. 

The colorful Teletubbies and their everyday adventures in a beautiful valley keep the toddlers engaged throughout the episode. 

Dave and Ava

If you have several chores to complete, then let your kids enjoy their daily dose of fun learning with Dave & Ava while you complete your tasks. 

Dave & Ava is a famous couple of a boy and girl dressed as a puppy and kitten who enjoy their lives to the fullest while helping their viewers learn from their play. From nursery rhymes to colors, shapes, and numbers, this channel has everything that your kid needs for proper learning at home.

Kids TV

Kids TV is the perfect place for your kid’s first step towards education and learning. 

With several characters, colorful designs, and engaging content, Kids TV does a fantastic job keeping your kids hooked to the channel. Their visual presentation of baby rhymes is fun and engaging.

LooLoo Kids

With the cutest characters, LooLoo Kids has made it their mission to encourage learning and growth in toddlers with addictive learning videos.

LooLoo Kids is one of the best places to visit to help your kids get used to the concept of rhymes and learning. They have a beautiful collection of baby songs and rhymes, so check it out today. 


What makes Blippi a highly popular kid’s youtube channel is that it plays with numerous props which keep the kids engaged throughout the video.

Blippi himself talks to the kids and helps them learn new and creative ways of exploring academic education even before they begin their formal schooling. Take a look at this channel, and you’ll surely be playing at least one Blippi video a day for your kids.

Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum has beautiful and visually appealing animated content wherein several characters help your kids get the hang of English rhymes. Once you start exploring this channel with your little one, you’ll be in for several surprises. 

Baby Bus

From entertaining kids cartoons to informative and playful nursery rhymes, Baby Bus has it all.

With different characters, Baby Bus creators have tried to keep the learning as casual and easy to grasp as possible. Your kids won’t even realize that they are learning rhymes, as they will be busy having a lot of fun.

BabyFirst TV

There is no limit to playful learning at BabyFirst TV!

From rhymes and colors to shapes and ABC, BabyFirst TV has tons of interesting videos that are enjoyable yet educative at the same time. The toddlers profoundly love their unique compilation videos. 


When you play videos from Cocomelon for your toddlers, you can be sure that your baby will learn something new and exciting.

Cocomelon has several characters who sing rhymes with lyrics and make learning fun for your baby. The beautiful and eye-catching animation ensures that your kid doesn’t get easily distracted. 

Super Simple Songs

Super Simple Songs is a youtube channel dedicated to making easy and fun rhyme videos for toddlers and kids. Their song videos are wonderfully designed and presented, making them highly appealing for the young audience. 

Not just rhymes, but the channel also features several cartoon episodes that keep the kids engaged. Feel free to sing along with your dear toddler.

Baby Beavers

Baby Beavers is a wonderful kid’s learning youtube channel that features everything from ABC and numbers to shapes and colors. 

This colorful learning channel for toddlers plays a crucial role in keeping the kids entertained while helping them take their tiny steps towards schooling education. If you want to prepare your child for pre-schooling, this channel will work wonders for you. 

With this guide, we hope to help new parents familiarise themselves with the content which will work in your child’s favor. Bookmark this article for future reference and browse these channels and videos today with your munchkins.