8 Essential Toddler Products You Must Own

You might be aware that Toddlers have a curious soul that makes them want to touch, feel, and do everything possible with whatever they can find in their reach. While toddler years of a child can be exhausting for parents, one wouldn’t want to trade it for anything, right? 

When a child is in his initial years, time just flies. So do not forget to have extra cuddle time with your little one and enjoy the read me one more story requests. Toddlers grow up so fast, and sooner than you know, products that you have received or bought when your child becomes obsolete. 

We have accumulated a list of product must-haves that will not burn a hole in your pockets or break your bank. 

These products will ensure that your little one is thriving without causing any trouble to you. You can use these products for a long time, and you will realize what you were missing out once you have them. 

So without further ado, here are ten toddler products you must have: 

Spill-Proof sippy cups: Growing up, kids are enthusiastic about everything. They want to hold their glass and eat their own food, making them feel like a grown-up. While they want to start using adults’ dinnerware, it can be difficult to hand over their expensive china. These sippy cups ensure the liquid does not spill and are sturdy and do not break easily. It is easier for you to feed your child and keep him hydrated wherever you are in the car, in the market or friend’s and family’s house. They are compact and can fit in a small space. The price is low, and so you can get this toddler essential for his next playdate. 

Booster Seats for elevation: When your baby outgrows his baby chair you can graduate him to an elevated booster chair. Booster chairs have a 3 point harness that ensures that your baby is safe and does not slip from the chair, and there is another harness that ensures that the booster chair does not fall from the adult chair. These chairs can be used for children from 16 months to 5 years and come in various size options. It is a portable chair which is easy to carry wherever you are going. 

Swing Down Bed Rail: If your toddler has been upgraded from a crib to a big adult bed, you got to have these. These bed rails ensure your child is safe on the bed and acts as a protective sidewall and prevents fallouts from the bed. Bed rails can be expanded to your desired size and can be used for a long time. It is useful as you can continue with your house chores while your child is sleeping without the fear of your little one rolling on the bed and hurting himself. Bed rails have an all-steel frame that makes them sturdy. 

Safety Bath Spout Cover: make the bath time fun and safe with a fun spout cover. Bath time must only consist of frothy tubes, huge bubbles,  colorful toys, and a fun spot cover.  A spout cover ensures that the water is flowing while protecting your toddler from the hot faucet, accidental bumps, and bruises while he enjoys his bath. It is very convenient to use, and you can store it above the faucet in your washroom as it does not take much space. 

Childproofing kit: Are you constantly living in the fear that your child will hurt him? Most parents are always living with the fear that their child will bump their head somewhere or end up with a cut due to the sharp edges in the cabinets or tables. By childproofing the house, you can let your child roam freely around the house without this fear. If your toddler is starting to crawl and walk, childproofing your house is very important. At that age, kids are always moving around the house. A childproofing kit will protect everything, sharp corners to cabinet doors. They come with corner protectors, cabinet locks, finger guards, and outlet caps. 

Faucet Extender: Toddlers are curious about everything they see and touch them to see. This means germs and more germs. Those hands need a thorough cleaning. Having a faucet extender at home makes sinks more accessible to kids, which they can use and clean their hands. It makes germ-fighting easier. You can attach this product to the faucet of your sink and the toddler can easily pull and extend it to clean his hands. It fits in any standard faucet, and its designs are usually simple. 

Underwear: Toddlers are usually in their outers with a nappy, but if your toddler is still in the nappy phase, it is time to graduate him to real underwear. Making your child wear underwear once in a while makes it easier to potty train them. Buy comfortable, soft cotton underwear with a waistband that ensures that the underwear remains where it is supposed to. Make sure the underwear has funky designs, so your toddler is excited about wearing them. 

On the go First Aid Kid: Having a toddler, it is essential to have a first aid kit handy with you. Wellness essentials may be necessary throughout the life of a child, having a compact first aid kit will keep you prepared for whatever bonks and scrapes the day will bring. You cannot keep your child in the house because of the constant fear of him hurting himself, so in this case, precaution is better than cure. 


These products will come handy in most situations in your toddler’s life. Having them at home reduces the constant pressure and fear that a parent has to go through. These are essential products and must-haves.

Comment Below what are your baby product essentials.