Soothing Music for your Baby’s Sleep

It was a Sunday morning and Shashank was about to play his favorite EDM but then he looked at Riya. She was lying down on the bed, reading a novel, and was smiling as she caressed Lehaan who was sleeping by her side. Shashank thought ‘What if I played music right now? Would it have been too loud? What kind of music should the baby hear?’ He loved music and so did Riya but what kind of music would be right for Lehaan was a question.

Many first time parents have such questions and are eager to know whether it is safe for babies to hear music? If Yes, How much? And how much is too much?    

Is listening to music safe for the baby?

Music is an instant energy booster that relieves stress and rewards happiness to most of us. It works the very same way for babies as well. It can make them happy, calm them down, and might also lull them to fall asleep. What is important is that music is actually beneficial for the baby’s growth and brain development at a much deeper level. It is, in fact, proven that babies remember the music which they listen to when in the womb. 

Babies have delicate eardrums and higher volumes can impact the baby. Exposure to a noise limit of 60 – 80 decibels, consistently for two to two and a half hours is considered to be safe for the baby. 

Music and Baby Sleep

Like other activities, babies have to learn to fall asleep at the right hour and have a decent sleep routine. Some babies might fall asleep easily but for most of the parents have to work pretty hard. In scenarios like these, music can ease down the process for you. Baby sleep music is an effective way to bring the baby to sleep. However, music as a tool for baby’s sleep should be used very carefully and specifically such that the baby does not become so dependent on the music that adjusting to a new environment becomes tough for the baby. Also, as a parent, you should make sure that appropriate music is being played at sleep time which serves the purpose rather than cheating newer problems. The music should be soothing and must become boring as soon as possible.  

What kind of music should I play for the baby? 

Listening to the right music promotes the release of feel-good chemicals like endorphins which comfort the baby and help it fall asleep soon. Playing music can also help you set a sleep ritual and help the baby understand that it’s bedtime when that music is being played. There would occur a number of situations when you have to lull the baby to sleep with soothing music.

  1. Making the baby listen to classical music is a good calming technique 

Whether you are rocking your little baby in your arms or swaying the baby to the rhythm, classing music is soothing and very reassuring for the baby. Lullabies and other tunes have been played to babies for years and hearing a familiar piece of music in a new environment can make the baby comfortable to fall asleep.

  1. You would come across a lot of situations when the baby is tired and getting irritated. You have been trying your best to calm the baby down and make it fall asleep but nothing is helping. Calming music could help paucity the baby at such times of distress. You can also find such comforting music on Spotify.
  1. There would be days when you had a long long day and are extremely tired. While not always, but at times you could play relaxing bedtime lullaby if you want the baby to fall asleep without a lot of hassle. 

You can also download baby sleep music applications for quick access to the right music. It uses classic lullabies (white noise sounds) which have proven to be effective for years. Such music creates a soothing environment for the babies which they are used to because it resembles the natural sounds of the womb. Popular lullabies like Brahm’s lullaby, hush little baby, and baby sleep is available on prime music as well.

Understanding Baby Sleep Music

While music eases the process of the baby falling to sleep, it can easily become a crutch for the baby. Any situation, which you have created for the baby to fall asleep and the baby can’t replicate it when awake at night, is a sleep crutch. The dependence of the baby on such crutches is a problem for the baby and you as well. You should rather make the baby comfortable in sleeping in different environments with a variety of conditions. Therefore, while you decide to play music for the baby, ask these questions, and act accordingly:

  • Have I already tried my best to make the baby fall asleep?
  • Have I been regularly playing baby sleep music for the last few weeks?
  • Will I be able to make the baby fall asleep if the baby and I are in another environment?
  • Is there anything else that would make the baby fall asleep?

Music does help the baby’s development and is also a helping hand for you to make the baby fall asleep, but it is important to strike the right balance. Use the right music to develop the right habits and it will surely foster the baby’s brain development along with helping you to develop the baby’s proper sleep routine.