Tips for Effective Co-Parenting During COVID 19 Lockdown: Do’s And Don’ts

Divorce is hard for everyone involved. It’s particularly challenging when children are involved. 

Sharing custody can produce enormous stressors. But if you learn to co-parent amicably, you can give your children security, stability, and the love they deserve. 

In this article, we will talk about a few effective co-parenting tips.

Tip 1:‘Efficient Communication’: The Key To Co-Parenting

Whether you like it or not, parenting is full of decisions you will have to make with your ex. 

That said, co-parenting as a team and openly communicating your opinions can help make the decision process easier for everyone involved. 

Remember, it is not necessary to meet your ex in person – arranging an e-chat, texting, voice mailing, and speaking over the phone can work in most of the situations.

The idea is to communicate without losing your mind, so see what works best for both of you!

Tip 2: Set Some Basic Set Of Rules For Households

It’s good to introduce children with the idea of flexibility, but it is equally important to set some consistent rules. 

Creating a schedule helps avoid confusion for children. So, make sure you and your ex agree with consistent bed and mealtimes.

Also, ensure that the homework, project work, and off-limit activities are followed in a certain way. This will help instill discipline and a sense of security in your child’s mind. 

Tip 3: Staying Positive And Address Comfortable Visits for Children 

Transitioning between one household and another can be tough on your kids. So, to make it easier for them, make sure you prepare them in advance.

Inform the kids one day prior to the visitation. This will help them prepare their minds.

Pack their favorite toys with other essentials to help them feel comfortable. Also, request your ex to cook their favorite meals before the arrival. 

Apart from that, spice things up for your children on the day they return. Plan a game or movie night. Encourage them to talk about their feelings. 

Lastly, allow them some time to adjust to the change.

Tip 4: Accept That Co-Parenting Is Challenging

Even if you don’t approve of your ex’s parenting style, make accommodations, and be flexible regarding your approach. 

Co-parenting may challenge you at many different steps, but you need to tackle those disputes for the well-being of your child.

If you cannot stand your ex, consult a therapist, and take sessions. If your current situation is bothering you, see a psychic to perform a reading. 

Astrology can help you get a better perspective on why you’re stressed.

Tip 5: Never Burden Or Stress The Child

Don’t take out your ex’s anger on your children.

Don’t trash talk about your ex in front of them.

Children are highly sensitive emotionally and feel things very deeply. So, it is better if you keep your arguments and quarrels to yourself. They need not know about the conflicts between parents. 

This kind of exposure can harm them in many ways. 

Tip 6: Don’t Give Into Parental Guilt.

Divorce is a painful process to undergo, and emotional tremors can be felt for weeks, months, and even years after the initial quake.

Having a failed marriage and not being present in your child’s life full-time can make you feel guilty and anxious. 

Parental guilt is a silent killer. It not only affects parents but also takes children into its trap. It can make them feel confused, self-centered, and disrupt the family dynamics for them.

So, stay patient and don’t give in to guilt.

Tip 7: Discuss Any Unfavourable Situations

Never feel embarrassed to discuss the things that are troubling you. Talk to friends and family, and let that frustration out.

If you repress your feelings for long, they turn into deep-rooted issues, causing stress and anxiety.

Even if something about your ex is bothering you, open up. Rather than pointing fingers at them, convey your opinion politely.

Only when you show respect towards them, will they try to understand your point of view.

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling to co-parent with your former partner, life can become exhausting. But with the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can co-parent effectively without losing your mind.