What to Purchase For Your Toddler This Winter?

Winters is a tough time for babies, especially infants and toddlers. Whenever you think of winter wonderland or the holiday season, you want to spend some quality time with your family amongst the snowclad mountains and have a great time with them. However, after being a mother or parent, this dream can change, or even turn into a nightmare. Babies are very sensitive, especially to toddlers who are learning to crawl or walk, they want you left on the floor where they can crawl around the house and explore their surroundings. 

If you live in a humid area where winters are just the same as autumn with pleasant weather you’re lucky. But if you live in a place where winter is synonymous with a blast of chilly air and snowing mountains it can be a challenging time for you with a toddler around the house. Regardless of where you live, winters are harsh on toddlers with the real weather change extravaganza; there are a few winter essentials that you must have at your disposal if you have a toddler at home. 

Every new parent must know that babies are more vulnerable to weather change than children and adults. To top off this trauma, the little munchkins are unable to articulate their thoughts and suffering, which makes it a more challenging season for them. It only makes sense that as parents, you are prepared for the weather change and are all geared up for winters. This list is articulated for new parents, who have toddlers and babies. This list constitutes a mix of everything that you will need to get through the winter and will also save you runs to the grocery store in this harsh weather. 

Now that both the chilly mornings and cold nights are on, we have rifled through a few wardrobe essentials that your toddler will require: 

Singlets or Onesies: These feel like a warm hug. Please get the ones with woolen linings if you live in a place with harsh winters. They will cover your toddler from head to toe, leaving no part exposed keeping them warm throughout the day. 

Stockings: These are the perfect accessory for the winters. You can team them up with skirts or dresses that will add to their overall outfit and also keep them warm. Stockings are available in multiple colors so you can purchase as many and even reuse them with different colors, so your toddler is never cold nor out of style. 

Socks: Socks are a must-have and essential in a household with kids and toddlers. They will keep your child warm, and you can let them crawl and walk around the house without worrying about them getting cold feet. In this case, you can choose quantity over quality, especially if your toddler likes to throw them around and socks can easily go missing. 

Long Sleeve Tees: If you live in a moderately cold place or if it only gets cold at night long sleeve tees come in handy. You can make your toddler wear a warm long sleeve tee, and that is good to go. If you live in a place where the temperature tends to drop exponentially, you can always layer it up with sweaters or hoodies to ensure that your child is warm. 

Woolen Vests: Babies and kids are the busiest beings in the world. They are always exploring the world which is new to them, running around, and always moving. Knitted sleeves and sweaters can get dirty quickly as they can sometimes be found knee-deep in the dirt, knitted vests are an easy way to keep them warm and are also easy to clean. It leaves their core warm and fuzzy while their arms free to play. It is also comfortable for your kid, as they are comparatively made of light materials. 

Bonnets and Beanies: This will keep their heads and ears warm, not letting the wind crash through, and the cute factor is undeniable. Beanies and bonnets make an adorable fashion statement and work effectively in keeping the kiddos warm during low temperatures. It also protects them in case they have sensitive ears, and if they are prone to seasonal earaches or ear infections. 

Dressing Gowns: Yes, they are bougie, but they are also very efficient and useful to quickly cover up your munchkin when you bath them. By the way, is there anything better than taking a shower and then cuddling with your baby looking even cuter in a bathrobe? 

Merino: This is the best option for babies and young kids, this soft wool keeps them hot like a toast, and it is also comfortable enough for them to move around. 

Raincoats and Gumboots: these are a must if you live in a place with winter showers or snow showers. Raincoats and gumboots are an absolute essential for a kid’s wardrobe. Irrespective of the season you must have a raincoat and gumboots.

Miscellaneous Items: 

Sleeping Bags: These are the best way to keep your munchkin warm during winters. Sleeping bags are available in various sizes that you can get according to your child’s height and requirements. 

Diapers and Nappies: With the winters approaching, you will get more uncomfortable with him wetting the bed. Please stock up on nappies and diapers. Disposable diapers help to keep your baby dry, so they are  

Flannel bed sheets: You can use these for your baby’s cot or bed. These are water-resistant bed sheets that will ensure that your baby is not exposed to the cold, and it keeps the bed warm and dry. 

A warm swaddling blanket: Blankets for a peaceful nights’ sleep. Wrap it around your baby like a burrito to keep your munchkin warm, fuzzy, and hot as a toast. 

Moisturizer: Don’t forget to stock up on moisturizer as winter is a dry season that tends to make the skin crack. Moisturiser is essential, especially during the winter months. 

What we are saying is… 

As new parents winters can be a tough time with a toddler and so we have articulated a comprehensive one-stop solution list for everything that you need to keep your munchkin warm this winter.